Raj, that horndog dandy, was fired last night by The Donald, signaling that while wearing bowties is different, it's not a slamdunk to become the Apprentice. Also, claiming to have a background in real estate and then turning a four-bedroom house in Long Island into a three-bedroom is a bad idea. - Long Islanders don't necessarily want "convertible" spaces. Gothamist also blames Raj (who happily accepted the blame) for the Apex team's loss last week, where they created the worst recruitment campaign for the NYPD on the face of the Earth. Anyone with a brain knew that making NYC into a martial state was a bad idea, which confirms that the brains are in low supply on The Apprentice. But, with characteristic chutzpah, Raj asked Robin, the comely receptionist outside of the boardroom, for her number, and later wrote her refusal off as "being intimidated" by his manliness. Raj, Gothamist can't wait until we get the stories of you hitting on our readers and their friends.

Raj's bio. It says he's a part of Vanquish Enterprises but he's nowhere to be seen on this site.