R. KellyAngela Lansbury as J.B. FletcherGothamist is hella amused by the R. Kelly song, Ignition, as well as the remix. The remix is actually better, as its lyrics are hysterical:
Now it’s like “Murder She Wrote”
Once I get ya out them clothes
The privacy’s on the door

Huh? Does R. Kelly get carte blanche to talk about "sticking [his] key in your ignition" because he mentions Murder, She Wrote, thereby sucking any sexiness out of it? Don't know what his lawyers advised him, but the idea of R. Kelly watching Murder, She Wrote is priceless.

See the video on MTV

Dave Chapelle spoofed Ignition...it's not on his site yet, but I'd look out for the clip with him seeing "I want to pee you on you."