It looks just like your stoner friend's bedroom in his parent's basement

You know what the East Village of the 1980s was missing? A nice botanical healing den to just chill the eff out in. Everything would have been so much more relaxing had there been a little nook where everyone could just smoke their natural calming herbs while sipping caffeine-free tea brews.

The Vape Lounge is now open in the cellar of Barbiere at 246 East 5th Street, and their website proclaims they are a Botanical Healing Den, complete with a "Hippy Hour" that lasts from 2 to 4:20. What is this, California? But they're not offering pot (probably), they're offering "medicinal herbs [that will] take you to another place." Like anywhere else. Anywhere but there.

Currently they offer three different herbs to vape—Chamomile, for relaxing; Damiana, an aphrodisiac for when things get weird during Hippy Hour; and Green Tea, for detoxification. Prices are $10/person in the "plenty lounge" and $12/person in the Volcano Bar. You can find more at their excellent website which someone definitely designed after vaping too much of the off-menu herb.

This is what happens when you protest IHOP and 7-11 opening in the neighborhood. [via EV Grieve]