After spending the summer gallivanting his way across Europe (breaking his record for longest set ever multiple times), Bruce BROOOOCE Springsteen has made it back to this American land with his merry E-Street Band. Next week, they'll arrive back in the area for three nights at MetLife Stadium in NJ. And thanks to Living Social, you can get a ticket at 1/3 of the price off!

Sign up for Living Social, and you can get a ticket to Springsteen's show next Wednesday at MetLife for $59 (instead of the regular price of $82)—you have five days left to get the deal, so hurry up.

This will be the first time Springsteen has played the stadium which replaced Giants Stadium. Giants Stadium holds a particular significance for Springsteen: he played there 25 times between 1985 and 2009 (when it was demolished), and it serves as the main character in the song "Wrecking Ball," the title track from his newest album.

Having seen The Boss three times this year on the Wrecking Ball tour, we can assure you it's worth it—especially for the second half of the tour. "The second half of the tour tends to loosen up a bit, get a little bit more spontaneous, a little bit crazier," guitarist Stevie Van Zandt told Rolling Stone earlier this summer. And who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to change teams as well.