Today Bukowski: Born into This, the first ever thorough documentary on Charles Bukowski, will be opening in NYC @ the Cinema Village Triplex. This seven year project of director John Dullaghan will cover Bukowski's life from birth to death, so even the most hard core of fans will learn something here.

If after seeing this movie you get bit by a Bukowski bug, Gothamist recommends you do the following:

Have a drink and...
Rent: Barfly (a film based on his early life)
Read: Hollywood (his novel based on the making of Barfly)

Bukowski, in a rare interview, says of New York City:

New York, I don’t know. I landed there with $7 and no job and no friends and no occupation except common laborer. I suppose if I had come in from the top instead of the bottom I might have laughed a little more. I stayed 3 months and the buildings scared the shit out of me and the people scared the shit out of me, and I had done a lot of bumming all over the country under the same conditions but New York City was the Inferno, all the way. The way Woody Allen’s intellectuals suffer in N.Y.C. is a lot different than what happens to my type of people. I never got laid in New York, in fact, the women wouldn’t even speak to me. The only way I ever got laid in New York was to come back 3 decades later and bring my own with me, a terrible wench, we stayed at the Chelsea, of course. The New York Quarterly is the only good thing that has happened to me out there.

Read the rest of his interview with the New York Quarterly here