Sacha Baron Cohen might be brilliant (and/or crazy), rich, and lawsuit-worthy, but it doesn't seem like he knows how to draw the line between life and art. Two weeks ago, after he appeared on Saturday Night Live, Cohen - dressed as Borat - and SNL host Hugh Laurie went to a bar. That reputable paper, The Sun, reports that Cohen approached a man and said, "I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it." To which the man responded by punching him repeatedly.

Cohen escaped with help from Laurie, but it definitely reassured us about something we thought we were missing from the movie - New York-style sucker punches. (But he is lucky he didn't run into one of the many other lunatics in the city with packing heat.) We supposed we'll have to wait for the DVD with deleted scenes. But who doesn't like the fact that the movie studio has been asking Cohen not to go around as Borat just for this reason?

And picking up on our post about two of the RV frat boys suing the filmmakers behind Borat, have you seen this MetaFilter thread from a friend of one of the frat boys?

Photograph of Borat in New York taken last year by carpeicthus on Flickr