If you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, you're in luck. The best part about the show was the cold opening - a plea from Borat Sagdiyev to visit Kazakhstan and to see his film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - and the video is available on NBC.com. There are also some other skits from Saturday's episode: A requisite Halloween skit - is it us or has Bill Hader played Frankenstein about 100 times now - and one about farting.

Borat also found time to give his thoughts about the Big Apple. The Post asked him what he thought about a number of New York institutions. Here are some of his answers:

- On nightlife: "I like very much visit American discotheque and had no problem entries. Insides, I make discodance to your new singer Madonna. It a credit to freedom of America that a transvestite can become so popular. In my country, he would be in the circus."
- On the subway: "I like very much the cart that travel underground, which so long cannot see the horse at front which pulls it."
- On Victoria's Secret: “I like very much your sex shop Victoria Secrets. It nice that it free of charge to look on the plastic prostitutes in window. Is much more cheap than to buying porno.”

Here's an Entertainment Weekly article about Borat, and here are reviews of the film from New York and the New Yorker. And Gothamist on Borat's online social networking and his filming in NYC last year.