Book of AgesThe eagerly anticipated collaboration between Joshua Albertson, Lockhart Steele, and Jonathan Van Gieson, Book of Ages 30, is out in bookstores (free same-day delivery in Manhattan from Barnes and Noble with purchases over $25), on the shelves of Amazon (and other online retailers), and perhaps even at a library near you. And naturally, the website goes live with a blog about all things 30. You can also explore more about the book which promises to be the first in a series that will herald landmark birthdays. Hmm. As it will be Gothamist's dad's 60th birthday next month, we might have to make due with giving him two copies.

Our suggestion to Josh, Lockhart, and JVG? Get in touch with Sony Pictures in order for them to consider including "The Book of Ages: 30" in upcoming promotional materials for romantic comedy, "13 Going on 30," starring Jennifer Garner (who is 31) and Mark Ruffalo (36 but looks 25 without the porn star mustache he has in "In the Cut"). The synopsis of the film from Greg's Movie Preview makes clear that we'll be first in line to see it:

2003_10_garner13.jpg"This comedy fantasy is about a gawky girl, Jenna, who is picked on by her peers and classmates for being too eager to be liked and popular (a cruel, never-ending circle, that). Locked in a closet five days before her 13th birthday (after an embarassing round of the '7 minutes in the closet' kissing game), she makes a wish to become popular, and when she gets out of her entrapment, she discovers that she's skipped ahead 17 years to become a sexy and successful advertising agency executive (Garner) just five days shy of her 30th birthday. (Ruffalo plays the "nerdy kid from next door" who has now grown up into being good-looking and charming; Ball plays Jenna's boyfriend, a professional hockey player for the New York Rangers; Serkis plays Jenna's boss; Baker plays Jenna's mother; Gleason plays Ruffalo's mother)."

Being picked on? Nerdy? Advertising executive? New York? We're so there.

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