Check out the NY Observer's article on this year's BookExpo America in Chicago, the big annual publishing event where authors, publishers, and the public come to meet to get excited about upcoming titles, like the Bill Clinton memoirs as well as a slew of books criticizing the current president. The article also shows how the NY publishing world was transplanted in a city where you can smoke indoors - and there's a mention of Anthony Bourdain - is he writing another book? And Gothamist's favorite erotica writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, was at the Book Expo. She mentions that there's an upcoming Elliott Smith biography (Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing) and a book about wild cupcake designs (Hey There Cupcake! which include panda cupcakes); plus, the best title she saw was: Vegan Virgin Valentine. Rachel's blog, Lusty Lady, has notes from days 1, 2, and 3 and a final post, of the Expo.

BookExpo America will be in NY next year; for Chicago news, certainly check out Chicagoist. And when Gothamist remembers to think of it, we do watch Book Notes.