Naked flesh has been littered across the city this summer, from the naked bike riders to the naked Wall Street protesters. And the nekked-ness hit Times Square this week when body painter Andy Golub painted a topless woman as a crowd of nearly 150 gathered to watch. At least things went better for them than it did for the recently busted Naked Cowgirl.

Golub has been painting bodies in public spaces in NYC for years, including nearly two dozen times in Times Square: "I'm an artist and I like doing live painting. I've been doing body painting for a long time, it's a really cool thing, and I like sharing it with the public," he told the Post. Onlookers and tourists seemed less than shocked by the nudity, and rather supportive of the model: "I think she's very brave to be out here in the open for everyone to see her like and for this man to be paining on her body," said tourist Leni Puen.

A month ago, Golub and two completely naked models were briefly arrested on public-lewdness charges in Times Square. This time, Golub made sure that 23-year-old topless model Marla Mera had a g-string on. Although it's legal to be topless in public, police eventually did ask Mera to put on a bra when the crowd got too large. Below, watch a video of the scene yesterday, including a hilarious little kid (around 1:17) who noted to his father's surprise that this wasn't the first naked lady he's seen: