With the Lingerie Football League sadly on hiatus (let's not even talk about their refs), there's been a polka dot bikini-sized hole in our hearts lately. But fear not, fans of scantily clad "sports" franchises: the Bikini Basketball Association is gearing up to debut their league in a little over a month!

According to the league’s Twitter account, there are at least 7 teams so far: Chicago Desire, Orlando LadyCats, Miami Spice, Los Angeles Ice, Hollywood Hotties, Atlanta Fleet Angels and New York Knockouts. Wait, what about the Brooklyn Brooklynettes? They're not part of this? Also, don't confuse these Knockouts with the similarly scantily clad wrestling NY Knockouts.

The league is still recruiting for players if you're interested: "They can expect to sweat their hair out and have their basketball skills tested. Dribbling, shooting, passing, running, scrimmaging, and more. We will also have a interview process where we ask them an array of questions to see if they have the mind frame and personality that we seek," reps told Travelers Today. But you know, as their constant barrage of tweets on the subject makes clear, they don't want you to sign up unless you look really good in a bikini.

The NY Knockouts have their own Twitter feed, which you should follow if you're a fan of daily tweets such as, "Are you ready for Bikini Basketball???" and "Bikini Basketball is the Sexiest Sport on Earth!" And hey, if you ever wanted to feel like James Dolan, here's your chance: "We are looking for a GM. Contact us for details."