The blood-drenched publicity machine for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark continues! Last night not only did T.V. Carpio have her first official performance playing the role of Arachne (though she'd been filling in off-and-on since the orignal villainess, Natalie Mendoza, was injured in December), but she also had a very special guest in the audience. Bono, the guy who wrote the music and lyrics to the show with The Edge, was there to see the carnage in all its


glory for the very first time.

That sound you hear? That's the sound of a thousand lyricists and musicians bashing their heads into walls. You see, in a normal Broadway musical (which this is not), with normal preview periods (which this does not have), the people who create a show are nearly always right there at previews in the back of the audience, listening to reactions and making changes in response. That is what previews and out-of-town tryouts (which, at $65 million, Spider-Man was too costly to receive) are for. Sure, to be fair, Bono was originally supposed to see some of the early previews before they were pushed back and has been on tour until now...but still. How are you supposed to change lyrics that don't work or cut songs that don't fit if you haven't seen the show?

Meanwhile, in other Spider-Man news, Christopher Tierney, the chatty actor who fell at a December performance and fractured his skull, walked out of Rusk today on his own two feet. And for all of you predicting this to be the latest Carrie: The Musical (really!), bad news: Last week the webslinger's ticket sales were only surpassed by the Lion King and Wicked.