U2 frontman Bono was seriously injured last month while cycling in Central Park; he had to undergo a number of surgeries following the "high energy" accident. But one question lingered: how could no one notice Bono cycling and crashing in Central Park? The Edge has an answer: "You know, when Bono goes cycling he likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew," said the fully-grown man who goes by the moniker The Edge.

The Edge, an adult, offered some choice details of what happened to Bono that fateful bloody Sunday on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show yesterday: "We’re kind of lucky he was wearing a helmet so he didn’t actually break Central Park," the guitarist said. "But he’s made of of tough stuff and he’s bouncing back. He’s so upset about the fact that, unfortunately we’re about to announce, we’re not going to be able to do the Acoustic Christmas because he’s been told by his doctors that he’s got to stay put. He’s back in Dublin right now and basically he can’t move for the next couple of months."

Haaretz has a few more details from the interview:

“The poor guy," The Edge continued. "Basically his left elbow was shattered so a lot of the work was reconstructing the joints and putting in wires and plates. He actually showed us an X-ray a couple of days later and it looked like a miniature of the Eiffel Tower was in his elbow and then the same had to happen with a fracture of his pinky, the joint there was totally messed up, so that needed a bone graft. And the most vulnerable was actually his upper back, the scapula, because they couldn’t put any plates in there or they decided not to do surgery. So he has got to be very still and not move around ’til that’s really healed.

“He’s doing physio to keep the joints active twice a day,” he added.

We still have so many questions: was The Edge joking? Does Bono dress up as a Hasidic Jew all over the world as a disguise? Does he have other disguises? Why are we the only people in the world who think "Discotheque" is kind of great? And has Bono learned his lesson about cycling where the streets have no bike lanes?