2005_12_arts_bpp.jpgYou may have seen the ad on Craigslist for a renegade theater performance in need of musicians. Apparently Bonnie Pipkin Presents found some and now they're ready to perform Christmas III. We heard that the troupe actually performed in private living rooms all day yesterday, but tonight will be open to the public. And lucky for us, this troupe is heralded for bringing "theater that doesn't suck".

Tonight's performance is about wandering ghosts looking for comfort during the holiday season. We're sure you'll leave with a little more love in your heart, if not for the holidays then at least for amatuer theater. The play will be reminiscent of performances you used to put on in your parent's basement (c'mon, you know you did it)...except with french horns and choreography.

Tonight // 9:30pm // Royal Oak [Corner of Union and Richardson, Williamsburg] // Free