0807bonjobietix.jpgYesterday Bon Jovi fanatics rushed to the closest ballparks to pick up their tickets to a free concert on the Great Lawn next weekend. NY1 reports that fans lined up for hours at all four stadiums; the concert is part of the upcoming All-Star Game celebration. One fan declared of JBJ: "Back in the day he was number one and he still is," while others were happy he was doing the show for free and giving back to his other hometown.

Over on Staten Island one man arrived at 7:40 a.m. and said: "I...thought the line was for a big game. Security told me it was for Bon Jovi and to get on line." He lucked out and 2 of the 1500 tickets at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark went to him (the stadium's alloted stack vanished in 46 minutes).

All in all, 60,000 tickets were dispensed yesterday, with a maximum of two per person. SI Live has a photo gallery from the Island's giveaway; they also note that "Lost Highway" has been billed as a prelude to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game (taking place at Yankee Stadium on the 15th).

If you missed out, more tickets are schedule to be given out on July 11th at the DHL AllStar FanFest held at the Javits Center, MLB.com will have more details. Not surprisingly, a lot of tickets have landed on Craigslist as well. For the Simon and Garfunkel show that took place on the Great Lawn in 1981, 400-750,000 people attended, however, the Parks Department has since claimed it can only hold 80,000.