A manager at Marquee nightclub in Chelsea is suing the bodyguard of real estate broker Dan S. Neiditch—who often makes reservations under the name "Bloomberg"—after he allegedly assaulted him.

According to the Daily News, Hunter Janoff claims he was punched "at least twice" by Neiditch's bodyguard, Kiran Newton, while attending a colleague's going away party last year. The tabloid reports that Newton put his arm around the colleague, making her uncomfortable, at which point Janoff intervened. His gallantry was rewarded with a fractured nose and eye socket, his lawyer says.

But Newton's account is decidedly more salacious. He claimed Janoff approached him with offers of "special services" including "‘high-end prostitutes,’ ‘waiving ID check for underage girls,’ premium cocaine’ and the club drug ‘Molly,'" the Post says. Newton reportedly ignored these offers, and instead went upstairs to party.

When he returned downstairs to talk with "a bottle girl," he claims Janoff slapped his hand to "get him away from the woman, then threw a drink in his face." Any punching from Newton— whose clients also include stars like Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown—was for self-defense, the suit says.

Newton is suing Janoff and Marquee for $1 million.