images.jpgJust in from the newswire, there's a "suspicious death" being reported at McCarren Park Pool, allegedly at the building that serves as an entrance. The person was found "DOA by event staff" earlier this morning. Last night Twelve Ophelias, a play centered around Hamlet's Ophelia coming back to life, was staged there; the night before there was a screening of The Virgin Suicides. All in all, a dark week for McCarren. Thus far, multiple calls to the Precinct have gone unanswered.

UPDATE:ABC is reporting that police are currently trying to identify the badly decomposed body, which was found around 10 a.m. today after parks workers told police of "a foul odor coming from a shed at the pool for months." Reportedly they found the body (age, sex and race currently unknown) while retrieving equipment from the shed. It's uncertain how long the body has been decomposing for.