2007_05_juliecat.jpgNew York Shitty's Miss Heather let us know that this adorable cat named Julie needs a new home. Miss Heather rescued the husky and healthy adult cat from terrible conditions last December and found a temporary home for her. Miss Heather writes:

Well, her temporary home (a local bodega) ended up being just that: temporary. Although the owners of this store (and their landlord) love her dearly, the decision to let her go was not theirs to make: someone saw fit to call the Department of Consumer Affairs and complain about her.

The result was a whopping $300 fine from the Department of Health and a warning that the store will be shuttered if Julie remains there. It just goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished. By New York Shitty officials.

I find it strangely ironic that after being embarrassed by the now-infamous West Village Rat Cavalcade, the DOH has seen fit to save face by going after the very creature that keeps such vermin at bay. Come to think of it, Julie doesn’t just keep them at bay: she enthusiastically disembowels them in the most gruesome fashion imaginable. To the amazement and revulsion of her keepers, though one of them was genuinely touched when she left one of her kills at his feet as tribute.

Miss Heather has some more information about Julie, as well as some very cute pictures and contact info, on New York Shitty - so to anyone with a vermin problem, Julie needs the home ASAP!

We can't believe that someone called DCA because of a store cat. Sometimes we specifically visit certain stores because they do have cats! A commenter mentioned (on the post about mice at the Waverly Inn and how co-owner Graydon Carter said he'd get a cat) that there's a law that prohibits stores from allowing cats to roam - if anyone can shed some light on it, please let us know. In the mean time, store pets: Yea or nay?