David S Pumpkins was a bonafide viral sensation last season on Saturday Night Live (it was also one of our favorite sketches of the year). The absurd sketch was so popular, Tom Hanks and the character returned for a cameo in the season finale. Bobby Moynihan, the now-departed SNL castmember who came up with the character with Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night reflecting on his SNL stint, and he dove into the origins and evolution of the character, who they wanted to make a "Santa Claus for Halloween."

It turns out Hanks was not a huge fan of the sketch initially, suggesting that Chris Hemsworth (who was hosting a week later) might make a better David S Pumpkins. Thankfully, he came around, and the rest is history. By the next day, Moynihan said people were dressed up as him at Comic Con. Revisit the original sketch below:

And it seems we may be getting more Pumpkins on the new season of SNL:

Moynihan also talked about running into Trump at jury duty once (and taking a very good "little creeper photo" of him there):