2006_07_timgunnbobblehead.jpgWe don't want to be collectors of knick-knacks, lest we develop a Collyer Mansion situation, but we are totally pre-ordering this Tim Gunn bobblehead. While the bobblehead does not capture Tim Gunn perfectly, the purchase is necessary in order for our Dwight Schrute bobblehead to have a friend. Plus, the bobblehead being put out by Project Runway season two Emmett McCarthy, who we will alway think of as wearing in a hot pink skater's shirt.

Anyway, after careful examination of the previews for this week's Project Runway episode, we wonder if a female designer will be kicked off the show - preferably Angela. First, there's Tim Gunn saying the designers will get real industry experience, then Angela says it's a chance to redeem herself. Laura says something about a woman "hanging herself" and then Tim Gunn says someone is kicked off. Kayne is confused about what's going on and then cut to Robert saying it's very clear what's going on. The only thing that's standing in the way of this idea is that we didn't see the "macaroni art" clip of Jeffrey yelling at Angela (we think; anyway, our alternate hypothesis is that someone attacks Angela for her crappy work, gets kicked out, and then Angela gets auf'd). Anyway, Blogging Project Runway links to Yahoo's new episode 4 preview and debates potential spoilers (you're warned!).

Also, waiting a week for Project Runway is too long - there's only so much speculation on various other sites we can take!