Urban explorer Bob Diamond rediscovered the 1844 Atlantic Avenue tunnel back in 1980, and was allowed to give tours of it for quite some time. Last year, however, he was stopped from re-entering the site, and now he's suing the city to regain access and start the tours up again. On December 6th, Diamond told us, "I'm pleased to announce that we at BHRA have taken an affirmative step to reclaim our rights to the Atlantic Avenue tunnel and the Red Hook streetcar project. A few moments ago, our attorneys filed a nearly $100 million lawsuit against NYC DOT and the FDNY, for their illegal and immoral activities taken against our public service projects."

The suit was filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court last week, though today the NY Post reports that the city has yet to be served. As for Diamond, he calls his ongoing battle "a David-and-Goliath story. The city had no problem with us for the past 30 years while we popularized the tours.”

The tunnel has garnered interest from all over, and if you watch the video below, it's hard not to root for Diamond in this fight. We reached out to the FDNY for a comment to find out if there's any way to safely reopen the tunnel for tours, and will update when we hear back.