Time to test your own waters to see if you're brave enough to take a boat ride in the Gowanus Canal (home to the gonohorrea bacteria and other little treats).

Tomorrow the Gowanus Studio Space embarks on their own journey to a new 7,000 square-foot space they plan to renovate, and since that kind of work doesn't come cheap, they'll need your help. The fundraising event (titled UMWELTEN, after the German semiotic term loosely meaning "perceived worlds"), will include enticingly risky boat rides on the canal!

So fascinated with the idea of colorful, handmade vessels floating atop the canal's questionable water as the sun sets, we asked for photos—and you know, it looks rather pretty. The full itinerary for the fundraiser is after the jump (more details here), and please send us photos if you take a ride on the boats!

5 p.m. - BOATRIDES guided by boat-building/art collaborative Mare Liberum

6 p.m. - EXHIBITION OPENS at 166 7th Street's big garage door rolls up to the public for the first time

7 p.m. - FILM SCREENING The Escapists by Andrew Gori

8 p.m. BANDS PLAY (including Stereogum and Pitchfork darlings Small Black)

11 p.m. - DANCE PARTY

There will also be home-baked PIE (sweet and savory), BEER from Kelso of Brooklyn and SWEATERS for SALE knitted on the looms of the building's former factory. All that for just 8 bucks.