The killings of the two police detectives, Robert Parker and Patrick Raffety, by Marlon Legere reminded Gothamist of a book we read this summer: Blue Bloodby Edward Conlon. There are certainly problems between police officers and citizens - especially in poor areas - but it seems that most of the time, there is a common interest in making sure neighborhoods are safe. The outpouring of support and sadness for the deaths of the two detectives is a testament to that. Blue Blood takes you right into the heart of what it's like being a police officer, walking the beat...it's a bit dense with information, but it's an engrossing read if you've ever wondered for a moment what it's like to be a cop. Conlon, a Harvard graduate who decided to become a cop even though his father wished for something different (Conlon's family is filled with civil servants), had written "Cop Diary"

The latest on the Legere case: Legere pleaded not guilty on Monday and the D.A. said the death penalty will not be pursued (there's no capital punishment law in place). A funeral was held for Detective Patrick Rafferty yesterday; Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly, plus thousands of other mourners, attended the service. Additionally, the two detectives were posthumously promoted to first grade detective.

Here's a Fresh Air interview with Edward Conlon and a link to NYPD's Detectives' Bureau. And more books about the NYPD from Gotham Gazette.