Despite the pleas of a thousand desperate tourists, Mayor Bloomberg will not allow the Wall Street bull, currently barricaded to stay safe from dastardly OWS protestors, to roam free. Looks like they'll just have to figure out how to take the subway back to Times Square. “The cops have to make a decision,” he told the Post. “If it looks like somebody’s going to deface it, they’ve got to be there. It’s just sad that there are people who might want to [vandalize] it."

And despite the fact that the protestors have been officially out of Zuccotti Park for weeks, he isn't taking any chances. “There’s always risks. But I think there’s a bigger risk at the moment . . . It’s just a symbol of our times. Hopefully, with time, people will stop focusing on that," he said. Yes, and start focusing on how the city is spending money to have officers guard an inanimate object instead.