For one night of the year, Twitter gets to walk the red carpet at their very own glamorous award show. The fourth annual Shorty Awards were held Monday night at the Times Center in Midtown. All the faceless Twitter dignitaries whose real names you don't even know, but who pontificate in 140 characters all day long, showed up to p@ each other on the back.

Daily Show correspondents Samantha Bee and Jason Jones hosted the show. Their jokes were irreverent, and they poked fun at winners who took the award seriously, including @agnezmo, who thanked Jesus. In short, they were perfect.

Michael Bloomberg accepted his award for Foursquare Mayor of the Year for checking into City Hall. To see his acceptance speech, visit the video recording and go to 1:11:00. Toward the end of his remarks, Justin Wedes who runs @OccupyWallStreetNYC shouted, "Go home mayor one percent!" In response, Bloomberg simply spoke a bit louder, wrapped up his comments and bid the crowd farewell. "He's going to raise your taxes," Jason Jones joked. "He's going back to the [Knicks] game. Don't worry."

While awards were handed out in the Times Center auditorium, liquor flowed liberally downstairs in a live broadcast lounge, where attire ran the gamut from black tie to Palo Alto hipster to Silicon Valley couture. After the show ended, Twitter royalty loaded tour buses as though they were going to a high school dance and headed downtown to the Tribeca Grand Hotel for a dark, dance-y after party. Hosts Bee and Jones weren't anywhere in site, but the 99%, represented by Occupy Wall Street tweeter Justin Wedes, mingled at one percent's swank hotel bar.