Original photo via klingon65's flickr... enhanced with imagery from The Notebook. And some swans in love.

This is a pretty hotly debated topic at Gothamist HQ: Is the Staten Island Ferry a good first date spot? Our own Chris Robbins says: "This is a first date, people: it's make or break. Would you invite someone to ride the B/D over the Manhattan Bridge and back for the view so you can stare into each other's eyes as a guy hocks a loogie in the corner?" Others in the office love the idea, and also think elevated trains are very romantic. But Mayor Bloomberg is the top promoter of public transit dates, speaking up again about it during a ride on the Staten Island Ferry yesterday.

According to CityRoom, the billionaire "reminisced a bit about his bachelor days, when the ferry was one of his preferred spots for a date. 'You’d get a six-pack of beer, a pizza, and you’d sit outside; it was really romantic.' "

Coincidentally, we asked comedian Todd Barry to weigh in the ferry date yesterday—he told us, "The Staten Island Ferry is a great idea for a first date, as long as that ferry is headed to STATEN ISLAND’S HOTTEST “SMALL PLATES” RESTAURANT!"

Might we recommend the East River Ferry? It's not the most popular ride for commuters, so you may even get the whole vessel to yourselves!