Mayor Bloomberg has laid down the official word on a rumored concert in Queens by the rapper he calls "50 Cents" [sic]. At a press conference he said the rapper "has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go, but he's not going to perform." The surprise performance was supposed to take place later this month on Family Day at the P.S. 40 school (just blocks from where 50 Cent was nearly fatally shot in 2002). Prior to the attention this was given in the press yesterday, the rapper did have an ad on his website advertising the performance, which has since disappeared. The NY Post reports that the NYPD "were still under the impression as late as Friday that he would be performing—and had yet to be told otherwise even as of yesterday." When asked if he was going to the concert, the Mayor said, "I did not plan to go to the concert because I wanted to go see 50 Cents [sic] and will not get a chance to do that this time." Perhaps he should head to New Jersey the day before! Since, allegedly, the rapper won't be performing in Queens, the paper notes that he'll "bus neighborhood children to his performance at Six Flags amusement park on August 29th." Aw, underneath that bulletproof vest there's a heart of gold!