Recently Mayor Bloomberg reiterated on Twitter his opinion that the Staten Island Ferry makes a great first date—and some of the staff here at Gothamist was a bit aghast. Some of us, however, are quite fond of Status Island and the boat that goes to it. There was some inter-office squabbling, even. So we decided to turn to some experts to find out how Bloomberg's suggestion stacks up. Turns out, lots of people agree with our billionaire mayor on this one.

The dating site HowAboutWe's MO is that users suggest a date to the masses and then see who responds. Turns out that the Staten Island Ferry is suggested quite a bit, especially in July. Even in colder months the boat gets love, with an average of five people a week in the dead of winter suggesting things like "drink tall boys on the Staten Island Ferry" or "take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry just for the hell of it. It's on my bucket list" as date options. And just as important as people suggesting Ferry dates, people respond to them, too! Though the average HowAboutWe suggestion gets 4.07 responses, Ferry dates get an average 5.88 responses (subway dates—yes, really—get an average of 5.19 responses). And now you know.

Meanwhile, next time somebody scoffs at you for wanting to ride the Ferry for a date, tell them to stuff it. Not only does the boat have stunning views of the city, but you can drink beer on it, it is in a very public place (good for first dates), has a hard end time and is quintessentially New York. And, if you hit it off, you can always relive Recuerdo (bring your own apples and pears).

Of course, SOME PEOPLE (who may or may not have ever taken the Ferry) still disagree. Take it away, SOME PEOPLE:

Is public transit ever an OK first date? This is a first date, people: it's make or break. Would you invite someone to ride the B/D over the Manhattan Bridge and back for the view so you can stare into each other's eyes as a guy hocks a loogie in the corner?

And I keep hearing conflicting reports of this Staten Island Ferry experience: it's a "public" place that also happens to be very intimate. Which is it? Am I going to worry about someone hacking me to pieces and dumping me overboard (it happens!) or that someone is going to get off on us getting off?

No, I've never been on the Staten Island Ferry. But it's entirely plausible that your blind date hasn't either! Maybe try something less "daring" for a first date, then move up to sipping suds and admiring the skyline on the second?