2006_07_arts_dance.jpgIn 1926, New York City sought to "limit interaction among the races and control public lewdness”...and in came the Cabaret Laws. This limited dancing to specially licensed public spaces serving food or drink where three or more persons congregated.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's “Quality of Life” campaign used the laws to crack down on bars and clubs without a license that allowed people to dance, and now the laws continue to be enforced under Mayor Bloomberg. According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, there are currently only 244 actively legal places to dance in New York City, including strip joints and clubs.

So, take back the dancefloor and join Metropolis in Motion at the corner of Mayor Bloomberg’s home in an "open-air dance and participatory movement event to bring attention to the antiquated and restrictive New York City cabaret laws".

The event will take place this Saturday, July 22, 2006 from 2 to 4pm.