2006_02_outdoorsmen.jpgEverett, Washington (population 97,000) is a tranquil town that hosts blue collar workers, beautiful scenery and, once a year, The Outdoorsmen Championship. Invented 14 years ago by a group of high school friends (of course), the event allows men to be men and boys to be boys. Perfect fodder for a film, no?

The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat & Beers follows an exclusive group of middle-aged men who travel to a top-secret location in Washington State to compete in the all-day event. Braving the elements and the treacherous riverbeds all whilst consuming over 30 cases of beer, the men spend one weekend a year trying to recapture their youth, cherishing the camaraderie they have with eachother...and, we suppose, getting pretty drunk.

The Outdoorsmen played to packed houses at its 2005 premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and received unprecedented audience enthusiasm at the Austin Film Festival, now it's your chance to join in the fun. Shotgun a beer and head over to the Tribeca Cinemas this weekend to watch a special screening with film members in attendance.

Trailers and additional information about the movie here.

Friday and Saturday // 8pm // Tribeca Cinemas [Theater 2, 54 Varick Street]