was bound to happen. We were hoping the documentary on blog culture would be a little different, but to be fair - we've only seen the trailer. You can watch it here.

The last part of said trailer just seems a bit too much like something you'd see in a 6th grade class. A voiceover explains to, apparently an audience who has never heard of "weblogs" before, that: "Blogs offer a more personal citizen media perspective. When you start a blog: you are the media!" This is followed by incredibley cheesy synth music.


The documentary takes a look at how blogs influence media, politics and relationships - though the trailer seems to focus on the former two. They also interview New York blog residents Jeff Jarvis, Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan. If you'd like to hear some bloggers talk about blogging, on video, head over to Blogumentary's premiere at Two Boots Pioneer Theater on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 9pm. We'll probably be there, checking out this thing in its entirety.