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rachelle tries out the Kottke family recipe for Tater Tot hotdish, but prefers her family's recipe, which is basically the same, but with Tater Tots on the top, not the bottom as the Kottke recipe specifies. Gothamist, raised in the mean streets of Brooklyn and suburban New Jersey, has never had any sort of meal that includes Tater tots, canned soup, and ground beef in the same dish, but we're willing to give it a shot. We'll just have our GI on call.

Mysterioso New York service site she loves new york serves up their awards edition, with ones like "The Diddy Runs The City Award" ("recognizing the major achievement of an ego maniac in 2003") and "The White LV Award" ("given to that venue which contributed most to the bling"); and the "Resy." Yes, happy new year, matty, and do whatever slny says.

And Gawker celebrates its one year birthday/anniversary. Jesus, where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday when we were blessed with this goldmine of gossip of all kinds (as long as it's within two degrees of Conde Nast), served up with biting wit. Ah, we can't wait until the golden anniversary or when Catherine Zeta–Jones sues, whichever comes first.