Erin O'Connor The Daily News jumps on the moblogging band wagon with a look at various camera phones and the culture being built around them. Of course they mention how last week a NJ teen foiled a kidnapping attempt by taking a picture of his would-be kidnapper with his camera phone. Even model Erin O'Connor has gotten into the moblogging spirit, posting photographs from her fashion shows on a fashion website, But Gothamist heaved a sigh when we read the News' description of what a blog is:
[Web logs] are the latest mutation of Web journals, which became popular during the Iraq war. Blogs invite reader commentary and range from excruciatingly personal diaries to political platforms for debate. Now that standard blogs are making the nightly news and shedding their alternative-cool status, moblogs are just catching on... Like text-based blogs, the phone-cam sites span the spectrum from silly to serious to surreal. But unlike babbling blogs, there's more pictures and less patter.

Whatever - if the Daily News wants to believe that Erin O'Connor photoblogging confers coolness to blogs, then that's their problem. The News points its readers to various cellphone models (Sony Ericsson T300, Sanyo 5300, Nokia 3650, Sony Ericsson p800) and moblogs and photo log sites to join, like and

Some of our favorite photo bloggers and their mention in the Times.