Yes, the blogosphere is built on mentioning other bloggers and giving them credit for slight, inconsequential things - blogfucking, we believe it's called. Still, we were surprised to see the New Yorker engaging in this kind of thing. In this week's issue, Daniel Radosh interviews ambitious ICM agent, Kate Lee, who he credits with "sifting through sloppy thinking, bad grammar, and blind self-indulgence for moments of actual good writing" when reading blogs [Disclosure: Gothamist met with Kate Lee last year, but, as we're prone to do, we got distracted by some other stuff]. The only redeeming quote in the story comes from TMFTML, our favorite player-hater in the blogosphere: "what the fuck would I write about?" Au contraire, anonymous friend, Gothamist would definitely part money from our cold, dead hands to read a book by you, as long as there was a Marion Ettlinger photograph on the back.

Gawker dissects the shell game that would be the business of publishing bloggers. But, getting to brass tacks, what's next, blogger reality tour buses ("That's where Felix Salmon lives!" "That's where Peter Rojas gets tea!") of the Lower East Side, "Blogger Eye for the Unwired Guy?," high concept movies about bloggers ("Imagine Die Hard without Euro terrorists or guns: Just kids with computers whose loss of Wi-Fi and DSL make them go John McClane on ISP, it'll be like The Net, without Dennis Miller sullying it up, and while it may only do $40 million domestic, ancillary should be good."), blogger tips to journalists on how to be snarky and unsubstaniated?