After the Guardian released its list of top 40 American bands (still playing), information leafblower took it upon himself to compile another top 40 list - this time coming from a panel of different bloggers. Here is the top ten:


1) The Strokes
2) Queens of the Stone Age
3) The White Stripes
4) The Flaming Lips
5) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6) Outkast
7) Wilco
8) Spoon
9) The Shins
10) The Mountain Goats

coolfer gives his thoughts about the bloggers' list and about the letters to the Guardian about the Guardian list. And according to information leafblower, Gothamist is dead to him since we didn't respond soon enough with our reply. (Honestly, we were flummoxed because we listen to too much music from disbanded bands or solo singer-songwriters. And we're not sure if the bands are American or not. And we were slow.) Till next year, info. leafblower!