Finally, an article on the convergence of blogging and Hollywood: Technology: Hollyblog. It seems that studios want to control information about a film, to circumvent the Harry Knowles posse from ruining a film (five words: Batman and Robin, Joel Schumacher). Hmm, seems like studios and publicity firms alike will need to be even more guerilla tactics, going beyond plotting stars relationships and goings on - as silly as America's Sweethearts, there is truth to it. This should be interesting, to see what kind of model the Hollywood-blog takes on, as well as what the audience for them will be like. Jason Kottke maintains a sort-of blog for the film Adaptation, which is based on the book his client, Susan Orlean, wrote, and the Adaptation blog, is a great twist, because it's off her site, but he's blogging....if you've seen the movie, you'll get it...if not, just know that it cleverly mirrors the meta-ness of Adaptation screenwriter Charlie Kaufman's take on the traditional adapted screenplay and go see Adaptation soon.