2005_03_jeffgannon.jpgThere's a funny call and response in today's NY Times business section. First, there's an article asking if bloggers are journalists, prompted by a lawsuit from Apple asking certain blogs to disclose who gave up certain confidential Apple information. And then a few pages in (or clicks away, depending on how you like your newspaper), the NY Times reports that Fishbowl DC's Garrett Graff has finally gotten a White House press pass. So, the implicit answer would be "Yes, bloggers are journalists, but only when it's convenient," but Gothamist sure hopes that the judge on the case figures it out once and for all, along with "What is a blog?" and "How do you get rid of comment spam for good?", because bloggers are waiting with baited breath. And because Gothamist would like an NYPD-issued press pass.

Graff's road to the White House pressroom saga. DCist wonders if there's evidence of Jeff Gannon's side business.