2006_01_blogvel.jpgAfter reading the review of Ana Marie Cox's new novel, Dog Days, in the Times yesterday (Cox got praise some of the satire, but the narrative itself was too formulaic), Gothamist wondered what about the other bloggers turned genuine, published (or about to be published) writers and their fates. Are a bunch of online fans enough to make a book successful? But what would be success? Critical praise or bestseller-dom? Link love from the blogosphere? An Oprah endorsement? A kick-ass Technorati ranking? Well, of course, all - and even critically panned books get movie deals! Gothamist has spent about ten minutes thinking about this and clearly, the way to go is to write a pseudo-memoir novel that involves raising a dead brother, Russian Jews, race relations in England, stints in drug clinics, and the Opus Dei, basically The Little Staggering Pieces Are Illuminated White Code.

Here's a list of bloggers and their books/book deals - let us know if we missed anyone:
Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette - published Dog Days, novel about the Beltway and a blogger
Dawn Eden - an upcoming book on abstinence from sex
Nadine Haobsh, aka jolienyc
Dana Vachon, aka dnasty - novel set in the world of finance
Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonette - published The Washingtonienne, and here's the NY Times review
Elizabeth Spiers, formerly of Gawker - it's possibly something about the investment world?
Stephanie Klein, with her blog Greek Tragedy - upcoming book about fat camp?
Will Leitch of Blacktable - published Catch, aimed at teenagers
Julie Powell, of The Julie/Julia Project - published Julie & Julia, a non-fiction account (Gothamist current favorite "by a blogger" book, as it involves more thoughts about food and life rather than blogging)
Doug Gordon, of Planet Gordon (and Gothamist contributor!) - published The Engaged Groom, a how-to book for newly engaged men
Rob the Bouncer of Standing on the Box - a book about the clublife and velvet rope?

For the record, Gothamist's first foray into publishing will either be a Choose Your Own Adventure or Encylcopedia Brown-style tome, either sloppily stapled together or in convenient PDF form, complete with misspellings. And Overheard in New York has published a collection of its quotes in Overheard in New York (the book).