Big Apple Blogger Bash 2004

Last night's Big Apple Blogger Bash was great fun, in spite of AZ kicking us out and needing to relocate to Siberia. (Hey, AZ, you may have good food, but the service your bar and lounge gave us was abominable and know this: It doesn't help to turn away scores of people who like to detail the minutiae of their lives on websites.) We enjoyed meeting a lot of bloggers we've been reading but hadn't had the chance to meet yet; we're sorry we didn't get to meet many others, but we had to leave when tien told us not to use the Siberia bathroom. Thanks, tien, we owe you one.

Thanks again to Paul Frankenstein who organized the gathering and did a great job of keeping it together as AZ inexplicably turn away our money. (As Tainted Bill says, "Fuck AZ.")

Bluejake on the BABB and a gallery of photographs. Other posts on the evening: rachelleb (called "Rachel" by a reporter), tien, Amy and Brian.