2006_08_arts_sirius.jpgWe haven't been listening to Sirius radio much, mostly (only) because we don't subscribe to it. Earlier this morning, however, one of the stations blogger/deejays, Jason Productshop NYC, posted a set of mp3's from the first of the acoustic in-studios on his Sirius show.

Listening to Will Sheff sing "The President's Dead" at 1:30am, we felt for a second like we were in "Pump Up the Volume". Some sort of pirate radio station airing a situational storytelling song that most of the world probably wasn't privy to. Okay maybe it's no "Pump Up the Volume", but there is swearing allowed on satellite radio.

Go check out the tracks from Okkervil River's Will Sheff. BrooklynVegan also has a show on Sirius.