, the super secret blog-related project that Meg Hourihan and Nick Denton have been working on over for the past year, launches today (

but when, we're not sure

it's live), and it's not the blogger-cloning machine we thought it was when it was called "The Lafayette Project." As Times article today puts it, Kinja digests the best of various blogs and allows users to create their own blog of blogs. The article also mentions Blogdex and Technorati as ways people keep on top of the hot memes of the day, as well as RSS-reader, Feedster. Aside from trying out Kinja, here's a quick way for some fun: Say "Kinja!" the way "Sega!"used to be said - quick, funny yet somewhat menacing - as you grab the collar of a nearby coworker and steal their change. [Additional note: One of Gothamist's favorite photobloggers, David Gallagher/lightning field, wrote the article - nice job!]

In other Internet news, Google will reportedly introduce a free-email service called "GMail." Gothamist doesn't have much to say about it, except from the fact that a rerun of Seinfeld last night had George searching for a nickname and settling on T-Bone; Jerry suggested G-Bone, George nixed it, Jerry countered with "There's a G-spot!" and George exclaimed, "That's a myth!" Anyway, is GMail an April Fool's, everyone is getting fooled, because it's been picked up everywhere.