bliss.jpgToday was the first day of the spring Bliss sample sale. And, of course, an eager Gothamist was there right at 8am. In a perfect world, we would all be able to afford to pamper ourselves with regularly scheduled Bliss facials and manicures. In the face of a less than bottomless bank account, however, the Bliss sale is a nice substitute.

You won't find the full line of Bliss products (Gothamist assumes the sample sale is in fact a way to clear out the less popular items), but you can grab some pretty good stuff. Cosmetics, though scant, are cheap (about $5 each). There are plenty of gift sets to be found (ranging from $20-$25), neatly packed up in decorative boxes, they really are a steal. Gothamist also recommends the 'rosy toes' pedicure lotion and 'soapy sap' body wash (about $10 each). So, the downside is that you have a limited selection (Gothamist found eyeshadow in only pink or silver) and bins getting picked through fairly quickly. If you do find something, it is going to be greatly reduced in price, there's the upside. In other words, the sale is worth the visit if you're a Bliss fan.

Mother's Day is around the corner, May 14th. That's right, you have now been officially warned. The Bliss sale has some great options that are cheap without looking it. Gothamist surely wouldn't mind receiving a Bliss gift set or two for Mother's Day (hint hint).

The Bliss sample sale is taking place at 345 Hudson Street and is over this Friday.