One time I went to see Blink-182 in concert at Jones Beach, and Jimmy Fallon opened, and the power went out during someone's set — it was crazy! Sure, I was out of college already while many in attendance were there experiencing their first ever concert... but the age gap wasn't embarrassing. We All Love Blink-182, and that stands true even today. Right guys? Are you with me?! If not, you can stop reading now and go back to listening to that indie record that's so much cooler than theirs.

If you are still here, your thank you letter from Tom DeLonge (the cutest one) is in the mail. But keep reading... the band is playing a special, intimate show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on September 11th, and tickets go on sale this Friday. And you know you wanna go because no one can deliver a punchy faux-punk song like these guys. Plus it's guaranteed that any song from their third album will make you feel like makin' out like you're in high school again. Whatever that means. Who cares! Blink-182!

Tickets for the show go on sale Friday at noon, but the Amex presale starts Thursday at noon.