Finally, a shirt for busty Jewish girls who feel J.Lo's styleThe latest in hip, urban, Jewish fashion is in. From a Gothamist Friend-of-a-friend, comes Jewish Fashion Conspiracy. Live in NYC and want to show you support for the (currently struggling) Yankees? Try a "Jews for Jeter" shirt. Live in San Fran and like to camp out? Try one with the slogan "Yo Semite". Live somewhere else? Are you sure you're Jewish? From a local woman (who Gothamist has probably met at some point, but can't place) comes the shirt for "the new Jewish female: bold, strong, invincible, and available". Don't be fooled by the rocks she's got (because you know she didn't pay retail for them), it's the Jew Lo shirt.

What we really want to know though, is do they come with tzitzit?