The independent record store scene in New York City suffered a two-for-one blow this week when two high-profile shops announced they would be closing within the next few months. Beloved Village record store Bleecker Bob's is going the way of the fro-yo, it appears. The store announced on their Facebook page that the long-rumored closure was indeed happening. It seems some kind of frozen yogurt chain is poised to take over the space this spring:

looks like the new tenant has signed the lease. we've heard they want to be open by June 1. it will take probably around 2 months to get work permits for the massive remodeling job they'll need to do so we're figuring we should be open until May 2013!! ---get ready for another chain of self serve yogurt/coffee/hot chocolate cafes NYC!!

Though the store had contemplated a move east last year that never happened, an employee at the store told us today that some people would "consider it...if they could find a cheap enough place." They didn't sound optimistic. Dangerous Minds has a nice eulogy for the 45-year-old shop and some stories about owner Bob Plotnik.

Across the East River, Williamsburg's Sound Fix announced on Twitter today that they will also closing down. We spoke to owner James Bradley, who cited a combination of factors that lead to his decision to close the store, ultimately coming down to the digital shift in record industry and also how they deal with retailers. "We've been selling more and more vinyl, and I really thought for a period of time we could make it through just selling vinyl," says Bradley. "But we kept running into the same problem: the record companies weren't producing enough. Retailers are not part of the equation anymore. I'm not at all optimistic about the future."

As for what's coming next, Bradley revealed that the Whiskey Brooklyn will be expanding and taking over the space. Though there aren't many details at this point, the bar may be looking to increased its food options.

As for Sound Fix, the shop will, fittingly, spin its last track on Record Store Day, April 20th.