So, we all now that David Blaine did not come close to breaking the world record for holding one's breath underwater. Here's a funny quote from one spectator to the NY Sun that sums it up, "This is not magic. If it were magic, he would have pulled it off easily." Kirk Krack, the breathing coach that dispatched the divers to rescue Blaine, said the street magician was having convulsions when rescued, so people should stop bitching about him not breaking the record. However, there is one thing Blaine succeeded in: Affirm his position as a New York City crazy man who can get people to stop and wonder what the hell he is doing. And he even cries! Here are Gothamist's pros and cons about the stunt and TV special:

- Maybe a temporary fishtank at Lincoln Center is not a bad idea
- David Blaine's flabby pre-stunt body (good for laughs)
- Seeing his gross hands and feet - a lesson to all of us not to be crazy
- Evel Knievel wearing his oxygen tube as David Blaine held his breath
- When the divers had to "rescue" Blaine - they were so cool in their silver divesuits!

- The special was all filler - it could have been a swift one hour (and not enough street magic)
- Seeing how David Blaine lost 50 pounds, because it shows we're sorely lacking in discipline (and a team of trainers)
- Stuart Scott stinks as a host
- David Blaine's monotone voiceover during the taped parts of the special- show some excitement, okay?

The NY Times' Ginia Bellafante writes, "The absurd seriousness with which Mr. Blaine approaches his public stunts leaves you with a certain glee at his failure." But you know that will just egg him on to do more! The ratings for his special weren't that great, but he was pitted against Deal or No Deal, CBS comedies and Prison Break in hour 1, and then 24 and more CBS comedies in hour 2. (Too bad Nielsen won't count the crowd at Lincoln Center; there were tons of people there when we stopped by, and a big police presence.) Till your next insane stunt, Mr. Blaine.

Here's a nice shot of a delirious Blaine being carried out from NYC Arthur on Flickr. We expect to see David Blaine: Drowned Alive but Saved snowglobes soon. And Gothamist on David Blaine.

Photograph of the divers helping David Blaine escape from the AP