Gothamist enjoys a good game of "Duck...Duck...Goose!" every now and then, but we only really like Canada geese when they are flying in the air - because that means they are not on the ground, producing that really gross greenish grey poop. Central Park has a huge goose poop headache, as its goose population has grown from 30 to 300 over the past couple of years - and each goose can produce 1 to 3 pounds of poo a day. A day! Parks officials are worried that the goose waster will pollute lakes with their nitrogen-high poops - not to mention the usual worries of poop on walks. There are more geese staying in the mid-Atlantic region, instead of continuing South, because of global warming trends. Why didn't The Day After Tomorrow show the ill effects of big geese populations for scares?

The Central Park Conservancy's Neal Calvanese told the Daily News that one of the big problems is that people feed the geese. Has the Conservancy investigated the merits of the Goose Poop Buster?