2004_11_blaireallison.JPGThe Baics:
Age, Occupation, Where are you from, Where are you now?
I'm 27, and I'm an entrepreneur: I'm a love coach, and I run a bachelorette-party planning business. I'm from New Jersey, I lived for a while in Gramercy (but didn't get a key to the park!), and now I'm in Jersey again.

A few for you:
You're using your website, MarryBlaire.com, to try and find a husband by the end of the year. Are you crazy?
No. I think everyone has a dating profile online. It's no longer taboo like it was five, six, seven years ago. Now everyone does it and nobody hides it -- People openly talk about it. I don't see what I'm doing is so different. The site was put up as a joke -- yes, I'm serious with my intentions in finding the one, I'm ready to be in that relationship, but I don't have to be engaged. I'm not in a reality show.

I'm dating someone now, I'm in a very happy relationship, but I'm not ready at all to be engaged. If anything I'm the one trying to take things slow.

The site was put up for friends and family really -- I have no idea how it got out. It wasn't ready to "launch," but there was never going to be anything official. It was just goofiness. I mean, I'm a love coach, I'm in the dating field, plus I plan bachelorette parties -- when you're around love all the time, you're always thinking about it. And I'm at that point in my life, I'm ready. It was just an idea I had so I put up the site. I told some friends, my mom, dad, and brother, and that was it. It spread like crazy within two weeks. I had to rebuild and upgrade and since then, it's gotten a lot of press.

So you're not crazy?
No, I don't care to convince anyone that I'm not crazy. If you want to think that I'm crazy, that's fine. You either like me or you don't, you think I'm sane or not. You either laugh at the site or think it's desperate.

It's supposed to make people happy. Those are the people that "get" me -- they see the site and they laugh. I love the people who write to me and tell me "You put such a smile on my face." The people who don't get me are "Oh my god! What did you do? How could you?" Do you need to take everything so serious? Just because I want to get married, I'm not desperate. Lots of people want to get married.

A lot of women are coming back to the site, saying they feel the same way. I'm inspiring them to look at dating a different way, and they're following what's happening in my life, like, "Let's see what happens to Blaire." I'm their virtual friend. They like my attitude, the way I'm looking at things. And I love it. It's nice to know you're affecting people in a good way like that.

You know creepy people have Internet access too, right? How do you weed out the freaks?

I have gotten some weird emails, but I would hate to emphasize that because it's only been a small percentage. Maybe 1%. I think a lot of people want to hear about the crazy men who emailed me, but everyone was very normal. I think I'm attracting people who are on the same page as me. Solid guys. They were all very normal.

I get tens of thousands of emails, lots of pictures. Men and a lot of women too, with all kinds of comments. Although I did get an email -- I don't know if it was a joke or serious -- that said they were an attractive couple and they thought I was attractive, and would I be interested in . . .

Tom Arnold tried to get married via the Internet a couple of years ago. I don't think that worked out for him.
Really? I never heard of that. I don't know, was he serious? I think it was probably a publicity stunt. Maybe one day when I meet him, we'll have something in common we can talk about.

Or maybe you two will get married?
I don't think so.

The year's almost over, and though you're now seeing somebody, it doesn't look like you're going to get engaged by 2005. What's 2006 look like?
To me it's not important to have a ring. It's to be in an amazing relationship. As long as I'm in that, it's going good for me. I'm not antsy for marriage. This relationship I'm in, I'm really enjoying it and I feel its OK to be myself. I'm fine with the pace it's going at.

Though you still work and date in NYC, you've recently retreated across the river. Please defend New Jersey.
I love New Jersey! The city's great but it's just great for business, to go out and play. I love the land, trees, air I can breathe. No one in my face every minute. I was always cranky in the city, crammed in my studio. I like spreading things out and I can in Jersey. I like being outside.

So JDate, Lavalife, etc., didn't work out for you?
I'm obviously aware of what's out there. Besides just for me; it's also my business. They're all the same. It just wasn't working for me. I've met men through different sites, dated different men, had 2 or 3 relationships -- not long -- through the sites. But this, MarryBlaire, is working for me, though I don't suggest it for other people. It's me being myself, being honest. I think I was hiding it, shying away before. Women were told to not say that they wanted to get married and have a family because it would scare off guys. Well it does, but it scares off the wrong guys. It scares off the people who don't want to get married. Guys who are interested like hearing you talk like that. I dated a guy couple of months ago and he liked hearing about the future and he talked about it too. It doesn't scare everybody.

Been on any nightmarish dates you'd like to share?
No, I can't -- I'm not one of those wounded people. Everyone's looking for a good story and I'd like to be able to give them one. I date like everyone else, and most people can tell their bad date stories, but I've never had one. A lot of first dates, especially if it's blind dates, or otherwise people I don't really know like from the site, I'll meet them for coffee and a drink and then split. What could possibly happen in that hour?

OK, want to pimp your services as love coach and party planner?
My bachelorette party planning company [Metro Event Planners] is the only one in New York City. We've got all-inclusive packages for women: limo, champagne, a club or lounge, open bar, Off Broadway shows, strippers, everything. Being a love coach [The Love Guru] -- which is what turned into MarryBlaire for me -- I work one on one to help clients become attractive so that they draw "the one" to them. It's not about the rules or all the books to find "the one." It's a lot of learning self-growth, exploring your thoughts, learning why you do things, learning to love yourself. When you know why you do things, you can become very proud of yourself, and draw people to you and eventually one of those will be "the one."

Your bookshelf is stocked with chick-lit and dating rulebooks, right?
Yeah! Unlucky in love books? I think self-improvement is in general society looked at as being bad, but there's nothing wrong with improving oneself. Those people get a leg up in life. You're put on this earth to grow, to reach a higher level in your career, relationship, or whatever. It's possible to be happy all the time. And I have nothing to defend. Yeah, I've read tons of self-help relationship books. It's my business and it's also who I am, and I love my life. I'm very happy. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

OK, best place to go on a cheap date?
Me personally, I like going down to the Lower East Side, finding some funky restaurant or dive. I like exploring, finding something new or different, something artsy, where I like the way it's decorated. I like to take the subway uptown -- I get a lot of creative ideas on subways -- and go walk in the park at night. It's safe if you're with your date.

Most romantic spot in the city?
It doesn't matter where; it's the company you're with. Some would say a fancy dinner, Broadway show. That's not my style. I'm more mellow -- just walking around, doing random stuff, getting on the subway and exploring random stops. That's what I miss about New York -- ending up in random places.

What movie or TV show best reflects what it's like to live & date in NYC?
I know the standard answer is "Sex and the City." I hate to look at it that way, but that's how I see it. That love-'em-and-leave-'em, next best thing. I don't think that's the right way.

Best place you've eaten in the city?
Hmmm, for dessert, I'd say Serendipity, but I guess everybody says that. I love going to this Italian dessert place downtown called Veniero's. I love it. That place is good.

What bygone place or thing do you wish were still around?
Subway tokens. I should've saved some. There going to be worth money one day.

You've already left New York, sort of, if not too far. Would you ever leave the area for good?
Oh no. No way. Once you're a New Yorker, you can't leave unless you really hate the people. I love the people. I'm able to have my big mouth in the city and it's appreciated.

The End of the World is on its way. What do you do with your last 24 hours in NYC?
I'd get married!

Interview conducted by Josh Abraham.