0908blainedavid.jpegUnsurprisingly, doctors have some concerns over David Blaine, who announced his latest stunt, the "Dive of Death," last month. The idea is simple enough: hang upside down over Wollman Rink for 60 hours; Blaine has already been practicing at a gym and was up to 8 hours at the last check-in. While hanging upside down, in some people's opinions, has its health benefits (Rosie O'Donnell does it to treat depression!), a doctor told The Daily News, "His head is not going to explode, but it could cause some problems with the blood flow to his brain. I wouldn't do it, and I wouldn't counsel anyone else to do it." So far the 35-year-old endurance stuntman hasn't suffered from his practices, but he did note: "This is a lot more difficult than it looks."