2006_10_blackcat.jpgIt's Halloween Eve, and even the animals are getting into the spirit.
There is one pet that does not need a costume - the black cat. But as it happens, some cities (like L.A.) block black cat adoptions during the spooky season for fear that owners are just using them for seasonal prop purposes. The Daily News says that the city allows black cat adoptions, but screens potential owners more carefully. Animal Care and Control's director, Richard Gentles, says, "We don't want to lose an opportunity for a black cat to go into a good home." And ASPCA special agent Joseph Pentangelo suggested "Halloween curfews" for black cats, to make sure they're not harmed by tricksters.

Yesterday, Fort Greene's dogs outdid themselves during this year's Great Pupkin. There's a Hulk, Little Bo Peep, and Beetlejuice. Eighties nostalgia props to whomever entered Teen Wolf.

And Razor Apple took this funny photograph of the 10-ton rock found in Fort Greene. Even the rock is getting into the Halloween spirit.